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MY STORY: ‘I Married My Second Best’.

Actually quite painful to write thinking about all of this again. 6 weeks. That is all it took for me to fall in love with him. His name was James. I was at a work networking event where he also was as an employee of a company we had just bought. It was a lot […]

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RECENT POLL: 95% of South Asian Women Say In-Laws Affected Their Mental Health At Some Point.

Written by Anonymous.  (If you would like to write a story, please contact us as Its mental health awareness week and we would like to highlight something in particular. In many families, in- laws and family related problems can cause anxiety and depression for many people. In this article we are particularly talking about south […]

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7 Different Types of Sister In Laws

1.Narsissistic Nishu This girls has issues. She’s so self centred it’s unbelievable! No consideration for anyone else, it’s all about HER!  She is constantly seeking attention.  She gets upset and anxious over little things therefore always had relationship issues with other people.  Very draining to her parents, siblings and immediate family but they never tell her off. She is […]