‘Thappad’. What a great film. A woman who otherwise loved her husband, stands up to 1 slap and leaves the marriage. This one slap was at a party full of people, it happened in one moment of anger and frustration after her husband got a phone call from work with bad news. An argument with with a colleague followed after the phonecall, and then she, his wife got in the way and tried to stop him them arguing. He then slapped her in the spare of the┬ámoment and walked away in frustration. You could feel her humiliation in this scene where people saw. She went in her room, but typically, her mother in law asked her to come downstairs, after all, what will people think? Yet she didn’t once tell her son off.

Unless you are in a regular abusive marriage, this is actually unheard of in south asian culture, where the wife will leave after 1 slap which makes this film so interesting, and this concept of standing up for yourself is portrayed beautifully in the film. This woman is strong and doesn’t once doubt herself for leaving the marriage, despite her husband begging to have her back and give the marriage another go.

In our culture, we are subconsciously conditioned that we ‘give’ chances, that we have to ‘forgive’ mistakes in order to ‘make the home’. This has been passed on to us from generations of our mothers teaching that you have to ignore, keep the peace, keep quiet, sacrifice, these things happen etc etc, and this is portrayed in the film too but her own mother who had to make her own sacrifices in order to keep a happy family. However this woman is a breath of fresh air, and how every woman should be.

Is 1 slap in the spare of the moment forgivable? No, its never ok. This film would perhaps make many women in the south asian culture question and reflect on everything they have had to forgive in order to keep peace.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Has anyone see the film?


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