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Attitudes in the South Asian community towards Disability and those affected with Special Education Needs (SEN)..

Disability is still a taboo subject within many parts of Asian cultures. People with disabilities in countries like India and Pakistan are often seen as outcastes of society and worthless citizens. They won’t grow up to perhaps work and look after parents as many Asian people hope, and are therefore seen as a burden in […]

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My Story: Divorce. ‘I Wanted So Much More Than An Average Life’

I remember the day it happened very clearly. I was in bed, trying my hardest to fall asleep. But my eyes were still wide open and my mind was racing at full speed. I was looking out through the window, staring blankly at the brightness of the moon. The same question was going over and […]

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12 different types of mother in laws!

1. The Jealous mother in law. She didn’t gain a daughter. She lost a son. You live the life she never had. Her husband didn’t give half as much attention that you get from your husband (her son). Your husband used to pay attention to her, but now his attention is divided with you. She […]