Inheritance. Is There Inequality in Asian Culture Between Sons and Daughters

Inheritance – Should it be equal amongst sons and daughters to save conflicts or is it entirely up to the deceased individual?

When a person passes away, their wealth and property needs to be passed on to somebody by law.

We all know someone that makes multiple trips to India to sort out the land inheritance left to them. And we all know a family that has fallen out over this subject. In the Asian culture wealth and property is traditionally and historically passed on to the sons, especially where land is concerned. But what about in today’s society? Is it about time inheritance becomes more equally split between the children as many conflicts can arise afterwards.

Unequal inheritance can be hard and challenging and can lead to some difficult conversations and perhaps conflicts amongst siblings – for example, where wills have not been made, daughters want their equal share and sons may not want to split it equally.  Another example which is quite common is where the one child who looked after the elder or elders gets all the inheritance. Is it OK to not split equally in these scenarios? Distributing gold can cause conflicts too. We have heard stories where a mother gave all her gold only to her daughters and not her daughter-in-law or via versa.

But how does this all change if the person decides while they are still alive? At the end of the day, it is their choice to do what they want with what they have. Accepting of this would save family conflicts too.

This is a subject perhaps not talked about enough is Asian culture. What are your opinions? Has this subject caused conflict in your family? Are you someone that got the majority of the inheritance and think it was justified?

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