Divorce: Extended Family Who Start The Blame Game On One Another

The effect on extended families on divorce is extensive and under-estimated.  Both families have had good times, planned the wedding and engagement ceremonies together, perhaps have had holidays together, then once the couple separate, it leaves them with feelings of disappointment, failure and helplessness.  Extended families can in some cases almost become enemies with their son or daughter in laws blood family as they get too involved with the breakup of their children/sibling and start blaming their son or daughter in law.

Naturally parents will take their childs side as blood is thicker than water but what a horrible place to be in where everybody is blaming each other and families arguing.  Children will obviously pick up on this and it can create inner feelings of conflict and torment, which can negatively impact their emotional and physical wellbeing.   This is why perhaps the couples themselves should tell their families to stay out of it.  Would you agree?  Ultimately no one other than the couple themselves know the truth of the breakup so extended families pointing fingers at each other is pointless.

Parents helping their children continuing to stay in contact with blood aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents on ‘both’ sides can massively help children in a positive way, especially if they all had a relationship before the breakup.  It is perhaps easier said than done but is it worth the effort for the sake of the children?

Have you ever been in this situation and how did you overcome it?  Please share your experiences to help other women if you have any advice.  You can do this anonymously by just writing ‘anon’ in name section below on website.  On our facebook page you can direct message us if you would like to remain anonymous, or alternatively you can email us at saaschat@outlok.com.


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