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Welcome to Saaschat.

If you are a mother-in-law, daughter-in-law or sister-in-law who is looking for advice on certain conflicts within the family, then this site is for you. We understand that sometimes it is hard to talk to your friends or your family about what’s going in your private life. What this site allows you to do is put your question out there into the public whilst remaining completely anonymous if you choose to and receive advice from a wide range of people to support you on what you are going through. Not only can you submit a question or topic that you want advice on, but you can also write back with your own advice on other people’s questions – and still remain anonymous.

It could be you just wanting to rant or you would love to hear someone else talk about the same thing and give you advice. Either way, the reason for this site and making it anonymous is so that you can openly talk about anything that is affecting you and hear from people who have been through similar experiences themselves but worked through it. You might even find that someone else has already submitted a topic that’s almost identical to your situation and you can read through all the replies.

We are two sisters from an Indian background, born and bred in the UK. We have been daughter-in-laws and sister-in-laws and like anyone, there were times when we just needed advice. However it was sometimes hard to speak to people or trust them with our problems in case they came out. And so this is why we decided to set this up – so that people could talk about their problems in a trusted environment and not be judged. But at the same time, receive support from so many other people that might be in the same situation.

Problems and conflicts between mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws exists in every culture. However the reason why this may be more relevant to the Asian culture is because we live in the western world (and a lot of us might have been born there), but at the same time we are expected to live according to traditional and historical cultures of the east. This can create a lot of tension and stress.

If you would like to email us with your comments for us to post on your behalf, you can at saaschat@outlook.com.

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We hope you find this forum helpful!