7 Different Types of Sister In Laws

1.Narsissistic Nishu This girls has issues. She’s so self centred it’s unbelievable! No consideration for anyone else, it’s all about HER!  She is constantly seeking attention.  She gets upset and anxious over little things therefore always had relationship issues with other people.  Very draining to her parents, siblings and immediate family but they never tell her off. She is a compulsive liar and an expert for twisting things to her favour.  She LOVES playing the victim and guess what…people fall for it!  She could win an Oscar in acting for playing a victim.

2.Copy Cat Chiya I bought a new coat last week, a week later she has the same one!! Yes the same one!!  I told my husband and he doesn’t see what the big deal is!  Her kitchen is now almost identical to mine now, I mean to the level of same toaster and kettle…yes really! But no-one notices apart from me?  My best friend thinks it’s flattering but I think its bloody annoying and I’m too afraid to show her anything new that I get now, I actually have to hide things, yes actually have to hide things like a bloody criminal! I’ve even caught her snooping in my wardrobe a couple of times. Was not happy.   I mean she keeps the grass length in her garden the same grass length in my garden. Get the extent I’m talking about?

3.Sly Seetal Sly as a bloody fox. So sweet from the outside, but cunning from the inside.  It took me a while to figure out her true colours.  She notices EVERYTHING, I mean everything, from what I do, what I say, and how I said it.  Then I find out she goes back to my mother in law and sister in law an tell them everything with her judgemental opinions.  She talks about me behind my back, but then she talks about other people behind their back to me but  so sweet to their face.  She wants to know everything about other people yet so secretive about her own life. Don’t trust her.

4.Attention Seeking Amarjit. “Me’, me, me me, me, me, me, me, me.  Enough said.

5.Needy Neha Her car has broken down. She needs a lift.  Again.  She needs a loan, she needs you us to go over as her washing machine isn’t working, TV not working, something is just not bloody working.  She’s quite anxious.  She needs help with packing for her holiday.  This woman is constantly calling and then gets upset when you don’t answer.  Annoying.

 6.Jealous Jatinder. She couldn’t take the fact that I came into the family and the attention got diverted from her.  She was the soul and glory of the family until I came along.  She hates me, always has done from the minute I got engaged.  She’s now trying her best to make sure people know she is somehow better than me.  She invites people over for dinner, she’s always the first to help out at family functions.  I feel her dress sense is getting more expensive, maybe she wants to dress better than me?  Definitely some kind of insecurity going on there.

7.Bossy Bubbloo She tries to control everything.  My husband’s sister.  This girl is married, got her own house, got her own set of in laws but has she actually left…?  NO! She is round all the bloody time, she may as well move in.  She tries to tell me what I should do, what I shouldn’t do, totally controls her parents from what they should and shouldn’t be eating, interferes with the house décor. I mean fuck off and go home! Leave us alone!



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