12 different types of mother in laws!

1. The Jealous mother in law.

She didn’t gain a daughter. She lost a son. You live the life she never had. Her husband didn’t give half as much attention that you get from your husband (her son). Your husband used to pay attention to her, but now his attention is divided with you. She can’t stand it.

2. The ‘I know better for your kids’ mother in law.

She does not understand why only 1 biscuit per day is allowed for your kids. She doesn’t understand this whole ‘time out’ thing. No weaning until 3 months?! Are you kidding? You are bombarded with unwanted advice all the time. After all, she knows what she’s talking about as your spouse turned out fine…didn’t he?

3. The Drama Queen mother in law.

She could win an Oscar for acting skills. EVERYTHING is a drama. You happen to mention you have a headache, oh but she has had a headache since 3 days ago and it’s much worse than yours. She’s complaining about the fact that she never got invited to her friends daughter, husbands, brothers birthday party. She tells your husband behind your back you have treated her badly. ‘Nobody loves me’, ‘nobody cares about me’ is her famous quotes.

4. The Needy mother in law

She wants you to call her everyday. Special occasions is a ‘must’. When she travels anywhere she wants to be asked if she’s ok. She wants you to ask if she needs help with the packing. She asks for lifts. Don’t ever forget her birthday or anniversary. Go visit her. Take a present. Take her to doctors appointments. Don’t forget to make fresh soup when she’s ill. Her washing machine has broken down. Go fix it. If you can’t fix it, buy a new one.

5. The Nosey Mother in Law

She wants to know everything and not embarrassed to ask anything personal like why aren’t you pregnant? Why has your mum retired early? Why is your sister not married yet? How much did that haircut cost? Get our drift?

6. The Wild Mother in Law

She loves her Bacardi and coke. At weddings and functions she is the first on the dancefloor doing all the bhangra moves. The lower the sari blouse neck at back, the better. It doesn’t take long for her to drag her husband on dancefloor. She loves going out with her friends, asks you for advice on what to wear, and what the latest fashion is. She tells you to dress a little sexier. She can’t babysit. Her social life is far too busy. Just don’t ask. And just don’t call her Grand-mother or Dadi-Mum.

7. The OCD at everything Mother in Law

She looks down at you and sneers across the room at the mess on the floor and the laundry basket that is overflowing on her unannounced visits. Did you not get time to clean the cooker? Oh by the way are you not making fresh sabji and roti for your kids? You seriously making oven chips and frozen fishfingers? What has the world come to?

8. Absent Mother in Law

She’s not bothered. She can’t be bothered to come and visit her grandkids at least. She’s bought her kids up, job done. Now they can shove off. Oh she doesn’t know your full name or how old you are. Not interested.

9. Intrusive Mother in Law

She can’t let go. She can’t accept the fact that her son is now married and buying his own house with his wife. She cried for a year after you both decided to move out. You have to go back every weekend to have dinner together that she has cooked. She can turn up at yours whenever she feels like it. In fact, she expects to keep the spare house key. She wants to babysit all the time. Oh unwanted advice is given all the time. You are not good enough. You go back to your parents house too much and you can’t cook. You spend too much on your nails.

10. The Mother in law that over worries.

Why didn’t you call when you landed at your holiday destination? She thought the plane had perhaps crashed. Your son has a temperature, ‘should we take him to hospital in case its anything serious?’

11. The Controlling Mother in Law

She tells you to wear which sari or suit at which function. Only she will do the cooking if you live all together. You can however peel the onions. She wants to take control of your kids and tells you which school they should go to. She’s been in control all her life, including controlling her husband and kids, she’s not about to back off now!

12. The Jackpot Mother in Law

She’s kind and supportive of you and your family. She’s caring but not too nosey. She loves your children and treats you with respect. She offers to babysit when you need, but also has a life of her own. She respects your requests in terms of babysitting as she realises times have changed since she was a young mother 30 years ago. You sometimes go out for lunches in order to catch up and you can have a laugh with her. Congratulations if this is your mother in law.

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